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  • Sex worker - someone who engages in business with another person, in which sexual labor or a sexual relationship of varying degrees and the time of the sex worker is paid for. Engaging sexually with a person, with the understanding of it being a business transaction.  An erotic service provider, whether that involves traditional intercourse or not. tumblr Sex Work tag

  • Cam Model - someone who does sex work via webcam ( Skype, Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, Streamate, etc ) ranging from non-nude chat all the way up to performing sexual acts on webcam. Sometimes 1-on-1, sometimes broadcasted to an entire room of people. Also known as a Webcam Model, Camgirl, Camboy, Camqueer, or Webcam Model. tumblr Webcam Model tag

  • Escort / Full Service - an erotic service provider who does in-person full service sex work, traditionally known as prostitution. Ranging from erotic massages, to fetish providers, to mutual masturbation, to full service sex work, escorting encompasses a lot of the sex worker world. Some might argue that some of those listed above aren't seen as escorting, but the law does not differentiate and will still arrest you under prostitution/soliciting laws. Other names include: Full Service Sex Worker, Personal Escort, Call Girl, Call Boy, Courtesan, and sometimes Street-Based Sex Worker to differentiate between marginalized street workers and brothel/incall workers. Escort and FSSW are the proper names for hooker/hoe, prostitute, whore, etc. tumblr Escort tag

  • Phone Sex Operator - someone who does sex work via phone ( Niteflirt, 1-900, etc ) tumblr Phone Sex Operator tag. This differs from webcam models in that there is usually no camera, though it can be incorporated.

  • Sugar Baby - people seek out Sugar Babies for a mutually beneficial relationship, in which they don't have to spend time trying to find someone, they get affection, attention, and sex from a beautiful and often younger person, and in return, SBs are given an allowance and gifts for their time from the Sugar Daddy/Momma. This differs from escorting in small ways. For example, an escort is usually only around for a single session for a smaller amount of money (say, 1 hour for $300 ). In comparison, SBs are in a pseudo-dating relationship where they may see their companion once or twice a month, have sex with them once in that time period and receive a larger amount (for example $2000 for the entire months time). Many SBs also dabble in escorting, but not all. tumblr Sugar Baby tag

  • Lewd Model / Fetish Model - someone who models or acts out a specific character and/or fetish, where the fetish is the main goal of the photshoot/video, and not sex. This includes cosplay, shoes/feet, crushing, leather gloves, body worship, etc. There is often little to no nudity, and this varies by model. This differs from webcam models in that these are often still photography or video, and webcam models do their interactions in real-time via cam, though many webcam models also make fetish picture sets (or videos). Many ProDommes, webcam models, clip makers, and porn actors do fetish modeling. tumblr Fetish Model tag

  • ProDom/me - Professional Dominant. A fetish provider who is a Dominant in the BDSM scene, who sessions with a submissive or fetishist. Most often, there is no traditional sexual intercourse, only fetishes, role plays, and scenes acted out ( spanking, flogging, foot worship, etc ). tumblr ProDomme tag

  • FinDom/me - a type of ProDom/me that specializes in Financial Domination. tumblr FinDomme tag

  • Prosub - Professional submissive. A fetish provider who is a submissive in the BDSM scene, who sessions with a Dominant or fetishist. Most often, there is no traditional sexual intercourse, only fetishes, role plays, and scenes acted out ( spanking, flogging, master/slave roleplays, etc ) tumblr Prosub tag

  • Porn Actor - Someone who acts in mainstream porn, generally with other people. This differs from a webcam model in that a company commissions a shoot with you, often to shoot with a costar, instead of a single customer with which you interact one-on-one. These lines are beginning to blur as more and more webcam models are moving into mainstream porn whilst still continuing to be cam models. tumblr Porn tag

  • Stripper - someone who does pole dancing, stage dancing, table dancing, peep shows, or lap dances in which they remove some or all of their clothing. tumblr Stripper tag

  • Erotic Masseuse - Someone who offers body rub services. This includes targeted massage, nuru massage, body rubs, body slides, and more. This often involves assisting in or manually making the client orgasm.  tumblr Erotic Massage tag