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Tumblr Resources

Tumblr blogs that are still active

This is a section of sex work focused blogs on tumblr that are still around. Please utilize them while they're still kicking!

  • Sex Worker Helpfuls - the original tumblr. We will continue to reblog and post on there until it's gone.
  • Sex Worker Problems - one of the first blogs on tumblr to start to put information and advice out into the tumblr community.
  • Signal Boosts For Sex Workers - follow to help reblog SWs who ask for help, blacklists, or information needed. Donate to people if you can. This could be an incredibly helpful resource if we all worked together.
  • Sex Worker Classifieds - Working to provide a resource for sex workers to find jobs, housing, or most anything else you might find in the classifieds- but for sex working people and sex work related topics only!
  • Sex Worker Humor - Follow for a laugh about all sorts of different types of sex work!