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Posts about safety and how-to's for full service sex workers. Includes posts for safety, street based workers, health and wellness, advice, and more.


Want to know more about being a stripper, how to hustle, etc? 

Webcam Model

The online world of sex work! There's a variety of sub categories for this (lewd models, panty sellers, etc which can be found in the Fetish category) but the meat of the community are cam2cam workers.

Phone Sex

Phone Operators are a unique and old-school form of sex work. Like webcam work, it's done entirely online. 

Clip Makers

The line between at-home clip makers and mainstream porn becomes more blurred as content creation becomes more democratized. These posts may intersect, but a majority of posts aimed at at-home clip makers can be found here.


A mixed bag that includes in-person and online workers who specialize in fetish work. ProDominant, Prosub, Proswitch, panty seller, sock and shoe seller, fetish item focused work - all can be found here. 



 The line between mainstream porn and home produced content becomes more blurred as content creation becomes more democratized. These posts will be focused more on mainstream work.

Sugar Baby

A unique section of the sex work world, SBs ride the line of companion and escort. Some offer no sex. Many are offering an experience, a companion, or wifey material. It's all about the person and how they frame each relationship.


Erotic Massage is another unique section of the sex work community. Body rubs, targeted massage, nuru masseuse.

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